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Chasing away my winter blues

Summer is officially just around the corner. Everywhere I look has turned green, Mother Nature has laid her blanket of wild flowers over our yard and the bumble bees and butterflies are over joyed. As I’m writing this, I am laying on our back deck alloying the sun to caress my skin as Derick is… Continue reading Chasing away my winter blues

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Be your own source of happiness

We are almost settled in. Our small amount of furniture is all in place and our belongings along with our little treasures/decorations have found their spots in the house. There is still this feeling of being lost in this larger place that I am no longer used to living in. My dresser and closet is… Continue reading Be your own source of happiness

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Getting off the road

After almost 3 years of living on the road, moving from town to town, we’ve finally decided to settle down for a year or so in a adorable little trailer home, here on Saturna Island. All recycled furniture. Grand total of 165$ to furnish our new home. We are heavy hearted to be getting out… Continue reading Getting off the road

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Winter on a rain shadowed Island

It’s now the middle of winter, the ground is covered with a mix of mud, fresh grass and blossoming flowers. Roses bushes are beginning to bloom and the locals are getting their gardens beds ready for this spring. Mother Nature doing her magic in February. The west coast has been treating us well with perfect… Continue reading Winter on a rain shadowed Island

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Being a female, traveling carpenter.

As I was growing up, l had the stereotypical idea that by the age of 25 I would be married, working in an office, have a house, kids and in general be settled down near my family. I am now 25, move about twice a year, sometimes more, work in construction, building houses and live… Continue reading Being a female, traveling carpenter.

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Make yourself at home 🏡

Counter extension Personally, I am someone who loves to cook big meals and living in a motor, has not always made that easy. It took me a while to adapt to not having any counter space. I would usually just put my large cutting board over the sink and made that work, and when needed,… Continue reading Make yourself at home 🏡


Mental reset

As we loaded the car with our wetsuits and boards, cats ,dog and other essentials, we looked at each other with excitement even though we both questioned our decision of making this trip during such eventful times. ( See last post for details.) We booked a room with an balcony tub and harbor view for… Continue reading Mental reset

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Change of plans

It’s been a while since I took the time write about what’s going on work wise for us, so let me get you in the loop. Before the holidays, we finished the footing on the ocean front here on Saturna Island. Now I won’t get in to details but we will not be the ones… Continue reading Change of plans


So far on Saturna Island

It’s been just over a month now that we are living on a beautiful Vineyard on Saturna Island. The sunrises along with the sunsets behind the ocean and mountain view’s have not been disappointing. Our days at work have been a beautiful balance of the west coast rains and the wonderful sunshine and warmth of… Continue reading So far on Saturna Island


Birthday Weekend

So a few weeks ago Derick and I had booked a room at the Water Edge resort in Uclulet, Bc, with a balcony hot-tub with a harbor view with a plan to get some good surfing done. Last week I got a call saying that it was shutting down due to COVID protocols. So.... we… Continue reading Birthday Weekend

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On to the next one

Since we finalized our big project in Ukee, we’ve been filling in the work time gap by preparing a lot and forms for a pre-fab home on Salt spring Island. Our home crew will be building it and the idea is for it to come in panels, that would have the wall and roof system… Continue reading On to the next one

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Treat yourself

  After living in a motorhome for 2 years, it’s good to remember to treat yourself. Don’t give me wrong, I love the Rv life, but a big cozy bed and unlimited hot water is definitely nice once in while. So on Thursday night, we booked a hotel room in Squamish and Friday morning we… Continue reading Treat yourself

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A summer in Canada’s surf town.

This pass summer, Derick and I had the opportunity to live in Uclulet, Bc. It was honestly a dream come true to have found this job in may, when everything was shutting down on Vancouver Island because of COVID 19. As soon as we arrived, we were lucky enough that Relic Surf shop was selling… Continue reading A summer in Canada’s surf town.