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Make yourself at home πŸ‘

Counter extension Personally, I am someone who loves to cook big meals and living in a motor, has not always made that easy. It took me a while to adapt to not having any counter space. I would usually just put my large cutting… Continue Reading “Make yourself at home πŸ‘”

Pouring concrete forms

Here’s a short video for you all of what a day of pouring concrete footings look like on Saturna Island. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get updates on the amazing custom house we are getting ready to build here on Saturna Island

Stepping it up to youtube

This week we bought a Gopro and we’re about to step it up a notch. Keep following and stay tuned for more videos like this to come and watch us build some awesome things. Here’s a little video of our week before the pour… Continue Reading “Stepping it up to youtube”